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Swine 'Flu - An Alternative Perspective

A short presentation by Jamie Wray around a hot topic of the moment....Swine 'Flu!  He looks at the work of Bechamp focusing on the way environment of the body is of prime importance in its ability to combat viral and bacterial agents. 

Just press the triangle to play the broadcast!

A few of my favourite things!

A little treat for those of you who were hoping to get to an open day to meet us but haven't managed to.  Jamie Wray, one of our tutors, is giving a lecture on micronutrients.  These lectures form part of the webinar programme we run here at The Nutritional Healing Foundation.....and the students love them!  So if you are keen to experience our teaching style for yourself, try out our students shoes or maybe just want to learn a little bit about Micronutrients..........then simply click the play button!  To enjoy this webinar you will need flash player and it is best viewed using a mozilla firefox web browser.

Fit to burst

This webinar is for everyone who wants to understand High Blood pressure in the context of The Nutritional Healing philosophy.  Another member of of our teaching team, Lesley Pierce, will explain, in her own unique and enthusiastic way, how and why we experience this all too common symptom.  Remember....this is a support lecture for our students so it may get a bit technical at times but Lesley is fantastic at bringing us back to basics and making it all clear and easy to we've no doubt that you will enjoy it !  Once flash player and mozilla firefox are in place you will be ready to go.....just click play......

Psych K

Our Principal interviewed the lovely Mary Trenfield who offers Psych-K workshops, something which she integrates into her everyday life and something we believe in here at the college.  Have a's a fascinating subject!