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Alison Holden

Nutritional Healing, to me, is far more than the wonderful set of courses we offer – it is my life’s work! I have spent many years integrating my corporate experience with private practice, as well as teaching and being taught, to provide training that aligns with my own personal values and beliefs. The core of this is knowing that by being true to our own self, we are free to live more from the heart. I am happily and whole heartedly committed to my own journey of self discovery and relish sharing my passion and enthusiasm with like minded people.

Lesley Pierce

I think I have been passionate about health most of my life – perhaps because of having a granny who lived for over 100 years healthily, who was very keen on doing things nature’s way. My first move into health as a career was as a student nurse at St. James University Hospital in Leeds (Jimmys). However, as the years went by I became more and more attracted to the complementary/alternative ways of prevention and cure. After qualifying as a hypno-psychotherapist and N.L.P. Master Practitioner, I worked both in private practice and at Rossendale and East Lancashire Hospices within their complementary therapy clinics, being involved predominantly with cancer care and sufferers of IBS. Having now incorporated Naturopathic Nutrition into my practice and into my whole life, I realise how we can all rediscover our health and well being.....naturally.

Trevor Gunn

I graduated in Medical Biochemistry in 1983 and have been practising homeopathy since 1989. A major part of my work has been looking at the wider context of illnesses, especially so-called ‘infectious’ illnesses, linking physical pathology to inherited traits. I have also extensively researched the effects of vaccines and other pharmaceutical drugs on the human body, lecturing worldwide and writing articles and publications including my own booklet - ‘Mass Immunisation – A point in question'.

Claudina Caaveiro

My interest in health and nutrition led me to study Nutritional Healing which was an inspiring journey and taught me how to make sense of my own health and healing. My background is in course design and teaching, specialising in counselling and coaching. My skills and my love for the philosophy has allowed me to share my passion and enthusiasm for something I truly believe in.

Suzy Sherratt

Having started my health career in Reflexology in 1994, finding the Nutrition and Naturopathy philosophy in 1998 was both enlightening and inspiring. Fifteen years on, I am still excited by the information & tools it offers and a great joy for me has been sharing it with others, both on a one-to-one basis and as a tutor motivating me to study for teaching and assessing awards. I have taught in both private and public sector and in community and charity settings and created a Baby Weaning seminar using all the wonderful information. I love that the philosophy we share empowers others to change their lives from the foundation stone up which is what I believe good nutrition is and to offer advice on good home ‘self-nursing’ in the form of the naturopathy; both of which can help keep oneself healthy and happy for a lifetime! I still ‘practice what I preach’, and keep learning – a journey that touches me on all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual! I love to grow, prepare & eat good organic food and to share that living, creative energy with the ones I love. I am grateful to my mum and dad for planting the seed of a thought early on that we are the ones who can keep ourselves healthy through diet and a holistic approach to our amazing bodies!

Mary Trenfield

I have been involved with complementary therapies for the past 18 years, running my practice alongside a creative career in the theatrical industry. I have consistently sought out alternative practices that bring transformation and joy into the lives of myself and the people I work with.
My training with the Nutritional Healing Foundation and consequent reading of Dr Bruce Lipton’s book ‘The Biology of Belief’ led me to take a training course in PSYCH-K® and I have personally experienced profound changes in my life, attitudes and beliefs.

Tracy Fuller

In 2001 after being prescribed drugs which I would need to take for the rest of my life, I decided to take my health into my own hands with the help of a Naturopathic Nutritionist. This set me on a life changing course of not only great health free from any drugs, but also career changing from the pressured world of Advertising Sales Management to training as Naturopathic Nutritionist with the Nutritional Healing Foundation. As well as tutoring and homework marking for the college, and in between looking after my 8 and 9 year old girls, I run a busy private practice in Sussex and run talks on Nutritional Healing with the emphasis on starting out by making small changes to diet and lifestyle. I am delighted to be part of the Nutritional Healing Foundation team, and hope that my passion and enthusiasm for the course inspires those starting out on their own life-changing journey!

Fran Hopcraft

I have always been interested in the healing properties of food, and loved cooking. My previous background is in Youth and Community Work, but for the last 8 years I have been combining my Nutritional Healing practise and community work alongside each other.

I was thrilled to discover the Nutritional Healing Foundation some years ago now. I have completed the Advanced Diploma with N.H.F and the Certificate in Clinical Practise. I have continued to be trained by Nutriheal to deliver the Certificate in Nutritional Healing Course “Health on a Plate” and have delivered this course in Bristol.

Mandy Copley

My personal journey started over 12 years ago when I had a serious health scare. I was holding down a very demanding senior training management position, life had become very stress-full and my health was seriously suffering. I took stock of my life and was initially drawn to Reiki and trained to Master level. While training my health worsened and I realised I needed to relax more and found yoga and studied for 3 years in beautiful North Wales, yoga practice helped me and still does but I needed something else. I had always been interested in nutrition since my university days, now as my interest grew I searched for a naturopathic based nutrition course and found the Nutritional Healing Foundation. I qualified and attained both Advanced and Clinical Diplomas.

My aim is to encourage individuals to a greater awareness of the power of nutrition and its influences on the body, mind and emotions. I am also passionate about training and want to educate as many people as possible to the wonderful benefits of nutrition, so to be a tutor on the diploma course and pass on my knowledge to other nutritional therapists is a dream come true and I love it. I also run a thriving clinic in Poole Dorset.

Karen Kennedy

I hold a masters degree in nutrition from Bastyr University in Seattle. I came to nutrition following a career as a research scientist in the cancer research field and now work as a nutritionist in Bristol. My passion is to enliven the scientific understanding of nutritional science to allow others to understand their own bodies and to be confident when making food choices.

Carol Lee

I have been working with people for over twenty-five years first as a social worker and then moving on to train in complementary health. I qualified in the early 90s as a 5 element Acupuncturist and love both the profoundness and simplicity of the 5 element theory which I feel reflects true ‘wholism’. To study the 5 elements is a continual journey, as it is really a philosophy for life. To be able to integrate the 5 elements with Nutritional Healing, both in theory and practise, has been a real joy. In Nutritional Healing I have discovered yet another passion that adds further depth to my work and which can truly empower people to heal themselves. I love to do this through individual consultations, workshops and community cooking projects. To find out more visit my website

Dr Mark Draper

I trained as a medical doctor at Guys Hospital Medical School and initially worked within the health service in hospitals and general practice. After 20 years observing the close relationship between nutrition and health I went on to research and specialise in nutrition and complementary medicines. My interest and passion for nutritional medicine enabled me to play an integral part in designing the University of Middlesex’s postgraduate diploma course and I regularly lecture on nutrition and health.

Dr Tim Duerden

I hold a medical degree and a PGCE and I am currently undertaking an MSc in Biomedical Science. After graduating from medical school in 1987, I entered the alternative medical arena and studied Herbal & Nutritional Medicine. Over the past 17 years, I have developed and delivered anatomy and physiology courses at a number of complementary medical colleges and since 1993 I have taught students to degree level in Complementary Medicine and Health Science.

Peter Wallace

I spent the first part of my career involved with product development in the food industry and became hugely interested in personal development and the empowerment of individuals in the workplace. In seeking to develop my interest in this area, my journey has taken me to the Bristol Cancer Help Centre, counselling at the Gloucester Association for Mental Health as well as developing educational material on the holistic approach to therapy.

Dawn Keyse

I got hooked into homeopathy whilst still teaching primary age children. What started as an inspiring interest became a way of living for me and the best bit is that I am now combining the joys of teaching, with my ever-increasing curiosity and understanding as a practitioner.

Admin Profile

Joanne Boulton

I have over 20 years experience of working in an office environment.
As a spiritual healer and holistic therapist I hold a strong belief
that good health and well being has its roots in physical, emotional
and spiritual balance. I do believe that healing on many levels will
always flourish when taken from an holistic approach to treating the
mind, body and spirit as a whole. I am therefore inspired by The
Nutritional Healing Foundation's philosophy and naturopathic approach
to health and feel very fortunate to be part of the admin team in our
busy and stimulating head office.

Joanne Hegarty

As a relatively new mum I became interested in ways of keeping my
family happy and healthy and found the answer in nutrition. I'm really
excited about joining The Nutritional Healing Foundation team because I
can combine my thirst to learn more about nutrition and my 15 years
experience of working in an office environment. This is the beginning
of an exciting journey and I'm looking foward to where it takes me!

Elaine Hegarty

Having studied Health Psychology to postgraduate level, I became frustrated by the restrictive approach orthodox medical took towards health and healing and sought to use my learning and organisational skills in a more progressive environment. The philosophy of the Foundation is completely akin to my own beliefs and as Office Manager I am proud to be part of the team.