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zipformat Cell MemBRAIN and Sunshine
Lecture featuring Jamie Wray.This download provides the link needed to watch the broadcast and the slides that accompany it.
zipformat Cellular Circumference The Cellular Connection with Obesity & Weight Loss Part One
This holds the link and the slides for the broadcast looking at the cellular connection with Obesity and Weight Loss.
docformat The Lymphatic System
This provides the link to watch the broadcast presented by Louisa Eyo.
zipformat Stressing The Point - Helloworld
Powerpoint Slides
docformat Cellular Circumference Part Two
This is part two of Lesley's broadcast on cellular circumference  - the cellular connection with obesity and weight loss.
docformat Stressing The Point
This broadcast is by Jamie Wray, looking at stress and it's effect on the body.
docformat Can You Believe it? How Can Our Thoughts and Beliefs Create Chronic Disease?

Louisa Eyo looks at examples of how the thoughts and beliefs we hold set up a vibration in our body that can create illness.

zipformat The Astonishing Power of the Liver
This is a chance for you to view the broadcast by Louisa Eyo where she discusses the astonishing power of the liver.
docformat The Chinese 5 Elements
This provides the link to watch the broadcast by Lesley Pierce.
zipformat Helloworld - Salt (Mass Poisoning)
Slides for Helloworld on Salt
docformat A Few Of My Favourite Things
This provides the link to enable you to watch our lovely tutor Cally Herbert.
docformat Salt - Mass Poisoning?
This gives you the link to enable you to watch the broadcast by Jamie Wray.
zipformat HRT
HRT – Is This the End of the Road? - why hormone replacement therapy for Menopause & Oestrogen Dominance is destroying the health of so many women.  A webinar by Louisa Eyo.
This is the first interview with  lovely Cytoplan.
docformat Thyroid Gland
This is the lecture by Cally Herbert.
zipformat Grains - Should We Eat Them?
Slides for Grains Helloworld.
docformat Case taking with Ali
This follows various sessions with Ali speaking to a client.  Parts 1 to 6 are now available to view.
docformat Cytoplan
This will give you the three links needed to view the chat between Ali and Amanda and Peter from Cytoplan...a must for all things connected to supplemenation!
docformat Grains

Should we really eat grains?  Jamie Wray discusses this subject.

docformat Study Skills
This lecture by Cally Herbert looks at study skills.  A must for all our students wishing to complete their assignments!
docformat Homocysteine - is it the new cholesterol
Lesley Pierce looks at what homocysteine is, it's effects on our health and how we can treat it.
docformat Exam Preparation

Exam preparation doesn't have to be nibble, nibble, crunch, crunch!  Stop biting your nails and find an easy approach to preparing for exams with Cally Herbert!

docformat A Breakdown Of Enzymes
A look at both systemic and digestive enzymes and how they interchange.
docformat Heart Disease - The Biggest Killer in Britain
A look at why we have one of the highest rates of Heart Disease in the world!
docformat Raw v Cooked
A look at life without animal products or cooked food.