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Discussion Topic Started by Responses Last post Last contributor
Homeworks Over The Summer 3 13-Nov-08 Ali Holden
1st Year October Reading Annette Charnsley 1 18-Nov-08 Susan Aston
slippery elm allergy Rawia Edwards 2 29-Jul-09 Debbie Murphy
1st year November reading - Pasteur vs Bechamp Joanne Bainbridge Thompson 4 10-Dec-08
Any first years want to exchange thoughts? Susan Aston 11 25-Nov-11 Trish Tucker-May
Reading list Claire Stone 0 1-Dec-08 Claire Stone
The Medical Mafia Susan Aston 2 24-Sep-11 Sonia Cooper
Nutrition and steroid and non-steroid hormones Sarra Moore 0 30-Jan-09 Sarra Moore
castor oil packing and supporting elimination without enema's Anita Wicks 0 21-Feb-09 Anita Wicks
Anti-candida diet: hydrochloric acid v. digestive enzymes, or both? Heather Sturmel 0 10-Mar-09 Heather Sturmel
Recipes 2 3-Apr-09 Chrissie Kelly
exam revision Susie Heavens 1 24-Jul-09 Susie Heavens
rhesus negative blood type Wendy Dineen 2 23-Apr-09 Wendy Dineen
sugar puff smell to urine? Rawia Edwards 3 24-Apr-09 Rawia Edwards
A sulphur smell prior to menstruation Susie Heavens 0 15-Aug-09 Susie Heavens
A&P online videos Lucy Gibson 0 26-Apr-10 Lucy Gibson
Any first year students want to start a discussion thread? Debbie Burgess 0 25-Oct-10 Debbie Burgess
Homework linda whitehead 0 29-Sep-11 linda whitehead
Help with supplements Maria Price 2 22-Nov-11 Maria Price
Best Juicer Louise Webster 2 27-Jan-13 Louise Webster
New Student Manchester Simon McCarroll 1 10-Nov-14 Clare Crouch
Wimborne Course in April Tracey Dare 0 19-Apr-15 Tracey Dare