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Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Healing

A firm favourite with our students, this is a fantastic year that offers students the opportunity to build on the firm foundations laid in the first year of the course.

Throughout this year we will be expanding your therapeutic horizons by introducing you to some brand new Nutritional and Naturopathic techniques to incorporate into your treatment plans. We will also be delving deeper into Nutritional Healing by exploring a wide range of specific named diseases as well as investigating how to tackle cases which are considered particularly problematic or difficult to treat. Tutors will use examples from their own practice and there will be ample opportunity for students to discuss cases that they are working on.

Our experienced staff will continue to facilitate your personal and professional growth by utilising a variety of tools, including role plays, small group discussion and presentation exercises. The emphasis on your own healing journey will continue and we will push this one step further as we look at how to maintain physical and emotional health as a therapist.

So, irrespective of whether you have taken your exams and acquired your Diploma in Nutritional Healing, this year is about helping you to gain even more confidence in your knowledge and experience whether you are intending to practice or not.


So what can I expect from a lecture?

As an advanced year student you can expect detailed lectures on a range of illnesses and conditions as well as specific nutritional approaches to treating them.  All of our tutors, without exception, bring their own unique passion and inspiration to their subject with the sole aim of bringing depth and breadth to your learning. Instead of taking our word for it why not click on to the button marked ‘Mp3 introduction’ and listen to a lecture from Alison Holden, Our College principal on How to treat Addictions 'The Nutriheal way'.

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