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Practitioner Diploma in Nutritional Healing

This course is ideal for everyone and anyone who would love to explore the field of Nutrition from a truly healing perspective. If you wish to heal yourself, develop the skills required to facilitate others in their healing process or simply expand a long standing interest in Nutrition and Healing then this course is perfect for you.


The emphasis for the year is very much on developing the practical skills needed to ‘treat’ individuals, using Nutrition to promote healing. In order to achieve this you will learn how to nurture an effective practitioner-patient relationship, how to interpret case histories identifying the path of disease, and the art of treating clients using Nutrition and age old Naturopathic techniques. We also embrace the influence of the seasons, planets, lunar cycles and energetic healing to give the course a truly holistic flavour.


This course is jam packed with new and stimulating ideas and lots of information for you to get your teeth into, however, the emphasis is placed firmly on clinical practice, ensuring that you leave us with a well honed skill not just pages of notes. In addition, we encourage all students to experience Nutritional Healing as an integral part of their learning so that ultimately you can facilitate healing for others from a place of true understanding and compassion. So expect an interesting and challenging journey…!


Finally, as this is studied on a part time attendance basis, it is ideal for students who may need to integrate their studying with a busy lifestyle. It also offers a great degree of flexibility so that course work and examinations can be organised to suit your schedule.


In essence, irrespective of current skills, knowledge or future intent, this experience will change your life.



Why not experience the magic for yourself?

Click on to the button marked mp3 introduction and listen to lecturer and homeopath Trevor Gunn talking about Acute and Chronic disease.  The development of illness outlined by Trevor flies directly in the face of the conventional medical model of health and that's one of the reasons why we LOVE it so much!  The other reasons? just makes so much sense and when used as part of a truly holistic treatment approach it works.  This theory forms the cornerstone of our teaching and offers our students a way of understanding and applying nutrition successfully ......we hope that you are inspired!  We update our lectures regularly so remember to look out for new seminars in the coming months!


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