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Training Certificate in 'Bridging the Nutritional Gap'

Our Training Certificate in ‘Bridging the Nutritional Gap’ is a groundbreaking concept in Nutritional Training. Why? Because it is a qualification designed to give Practitioners OF ANY DISCIPLINE the chance to integrate Nutrition in their practice in a simple practical way for the benefit of themselves and their clients.

‘Bridging the Nutritional Gap’ is our beautifully packaged, bite size workshop designed to help the public grasp the importance of a supplement regime within their diet and enable them to identify some simple steps to take to regain their previous radiant health and prevent future chronic ill health. Designed by us and delivered by you our ‘Training Certificate in Bridging the Nutritional Gap’ is a 1 day course which gives YOU, the Practitioner, all the skills and knowledge you need to be able to run your own ‘Bridging The Nutritional Gap’ workshops for the benefit of existing and even new clients.

At £99 for the day this affordable tool will be a fantastic addition to your practice. Not only will it increase the effectiveness of your own therapy whether it is Chiropractic, Physiotherapy or even Reflexology but, once licensed by us, it will generate extra income for your practice – and without the trouble of undertaking a lengthy Nutritional Training Course – Minimum effort and Maximum yield. As an ‘Associate’ of the College you will never have to prescribe supplements as each and every client will have an individualised programme devised by a Technical Specialist. Both you and your client will have unfettered access to our technical team to support and guide you every step of the way.

Poor soil quality, overly processed foods and intensive farming methods mean that NO age group in the UK today is getting all of their vitamin and mineral intake from their diet so the need for high quality supplementation has never been more crucial. Enabling ALL practitioners to educate anyone and everyone about ‘Bridging the Nutritional Gap’ is a key element to helping us achieve our aim of improving the health of the nation.

If you find that you share our passion for spreading the word, simply need to complete some CPD hours or perhaps just want to meet like minded people then download a prospectus or application form by clicking on the buttons below. Don’t hesitate to contact us on 01749 671555 or email us at [email protected] with any queries or questions you may have about this ground breaking training.

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